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These air-flown batches are unique compared to the ones available at the local market as the climate and seawater in Japan. Every batch of seafood is handled and shipped promptly so our customers can taste the seafood as good as freshly caught!

Blue fin Tuna


The whole tuna arrives fresh from Japan and it is cut into sashimi by our experienced chef right in front of the eye of the diners. The tuna collar is also our signature dish because it can only be grilled using our “irori”. 



Zensai (means appetizer) is served at the beginning of meals. A beautiful art piece that makes the mouth waters and regulates the appetite to eat more

salmon oyako sarada.jpg



Japanese Salad has the best sauce with luxurious rich proteins and healthy fat that would keep you in shape. Healthy food that is tasty and irresistible.


た た き

'Tataki' is a method of cooking where the meat or fish is seared briefly over the hot flame and marinated with our Robataya special sauce served and garnish like sashimi platters. 

Robataya Tataki.JPG
air-flown sashimi.jpg



Robataya Izakaya serves succulent sashimi from the freshest of air-flown ingredients with a variety of raw seafood sashimi for you to choose from!

salmon sashimi 25.80.JPG
4. Zaru Soba.JPG


麺 類

Menrui is noodle dishes, here we specialize in wheat noodles. One of which is Ramen a thin noodle that is chewy and springy. The other noodle we serve are thick wheat noodles also know as Udon, it is soft but chewy and soft.

garlic rice-01.jpg

gohanmono, shirumono,


蒸し物, 汁物, ご飯物

Gohanmono - are simple rice dishes such as plain rice or fried rice with a single ingredient. 

Shirumono - we at Robataya serves Miso Shiru at which the soup base is made of bean paste and are boiled with different ingredients. 

Mushimono - refers to steamed dishes in a small bowl or cup and are serve extremely hot. 


Special Roll

特 別 ロ 一 ル

Our special sushi rolls are perfected with the best combination of flavours and textures. Some are special rolls are paired with Chef special sauce enhancing extra umami flavours as you bite the sushi.


Donburi is a rice bowl dish and comfort food. Rice is scooped into a bigger bowl and topped with meat, seafood, vegetables or eggs or combinations of the following ingredients a balance and healthy meal as you get all the ur nutrients in a bowl.


寿 司 

Our chef makes the sushi fresh according to order, each sushi pressed to the perfect bite-size and topped with the ingredients that have been chosen.




The rice served for Sushi Don is similar to the rice used to make sushi rolls and sushi. The rice has a tinge of vinegar that refreshes your palate. 

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