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Teppanyaki is cooking over a griddle. The meat is thinly sliced, here at Robataya we give the fun part of teppanyaki to our customers. You will get to grill your selection of meat and you can grill to your own liking. 


鉄 板

Teppan means metal plate, here at Robataya the dishes grilled or pan-fried then they are served on a metal hot plate to keep the dish warm and extra char flavour. 



Originates from centuries ago where Japanese people gather around a communal irori (hearth) this also knows as fireside cooking. The heat source would be placed within the centre of the sandpit to ensure the ingredients can be cooked evenly surrounding the source of the fire.

7231-Ika No Sugata.JPG


焼 き 物

Yaki means grilled or fired, and yakimono means fired thing. Meats, Fish, shellfish or vegetables are some of the most common foods that get prepared in such a way. They are ussually best paired with fluffy Japanese rice.


炒 め も の 

Simple stir-fried dishes that are comforting and heartwarming are healthy and tasty.  Itate dishes are a healthy balance dish as the protein source is stir fired with vegetables.

Nira Leba Itame.jpg
Hotate Tempura (1).JPG

Tempura & Agemono

天ぷらと & 揚げ物 

Agemono is the term for deep fried food in Japanese. Tempura is one of the more common way of Agemono, where it's key ingredients is lightly battered and keep fried.

5. Soft shell crab Karaage (2).JPG

Nabe Mono

鍋 物 

Nabe Mono is a Japanese Hotpot, it has a lighter and more refreshing taste in comparison to Chinese Hotpot, with various soups choices and different ingredients that you can choose from.



串 焼 き

Kushiyaki is a Japanese term for skewered items that are grilled. Here at Robataya, we grill our skewers over charcoal to give an extra aroma to each skewer. 

Hotate Mentai Yaki(17OCT18).jpg

Japanese Tapas

小 皿 料 理 

Japanese Tapas here at Robataya is fusion Japanese food or inspired Japanese traditional finger foods.


生 牡 蠣

Namakaki is the Japanese term for oyster, we get our fresh oyster from Hokkaido. With various cooking methods that you can choose from. 


Iberico pork

黒 豚

Iberico breed originates from Spain, their diet consists of acorns, oak and nuts. This makes their marbling fat super flavourful, more juicy and super tasty. This makes the Iberico the diva of among all porks, tasty and with beautiful marbling.



一  夜 干 し  

Ichiya-boshi literally means ‘dried overnight'. It is a technique of preservation used in Japan for hundreds of years where fishes are heavily salted and hung to dry. Refrigerators were not available back then and fishermen needed a way to preserve the fish they caught.


和 牛

“Wa” means Japan and “Gyu” means cow - it literally translates beef from Japanese cattle that have been handled with excellent care and creeds in a traditional farm. Wagyu is rich in Omega-3 which has good cholesterol and is healthy for our hearts. It also contained 30% higher unsaturated fats as compared to normal beef. These extensive care and treatments make Wagyu beef the prima donna among meat lovers.



デ ザ 一ト

Japan is within the TOP 10 best desserts in the world, due to its delicate process of making desserts. Not only does it look perfect but it has soft and tasty.

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